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English poems, songs and short stories
for those who study English

I am an author of many stories, poems and songs written
in English. Some of them were published in American periodicals:
The Path Not Taken (Library of Congress ISBN 1-57553-003-1),
Raconteur (ISSN 1069-9457), Earth One and others. My little
book of poetry To My Friend was issued in Ukraine. Now I am
going to submit my collection of short stories.

To My Friend, the collection of poems and songs is just for students.
Every poem is referred to certain Grammar constructions. For instance:
the poem In the World Where I Live can help Students to learn
Gerund constructions; the poem The Angels Come includes
examples of Possessive Case, and so on.

You may read some of my poems and stories just here, on the website,
others may be ordered.

If you enjoy jokes you may enter my website
or find my jokes on servers all around the world.
Just type: the writer-polyglot Oleg Palamarchuk in a searcher box.

Contact address: e-mail

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