by Oleg Palamarchuk

Call me out,
If you cannot find anyone to spend your time with --
And I will come
As fast as light can fly.
I am your thought.

Look at me,
When you wish you would fall in love at first sight --
And I will be
Exectly what you want me to look like.
I am your imagination.

Tell me,please,
If you miss someone very much --
And I will reply
Just what you want to hear from him or her.
I am your repercussion.

Share with me
All your troubles--
And I will console you
Making your face light up over and over again.
I am your hope.

Ask me
For all you need --
And I will give you, like a munificent lord
Whatever you desire.
I am your dream.

Confide in me,
If you suffer from unbearable pain --
And I will make you well again
filling your heart with joy and happiness.
I am your prayer.

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