by Oleg Palamarchuk

I believe angels come
In many different ways,
In the innocent smile on a stranger's face,
When you are walking alone
In empty streets.

I believe angels come
In drops of the rain on the thirsty land,
In the outstretched hand of a friend
You can count on;
In three words,"I love you!"
Whispered to you on the phone
Or written on a Valentine's card,
OR seen on the blushing face
Breathing so deeply
From the bottom of the heart.

I believe angels come
In a hug of a child
When you open the door of your house.

I believe angels come
In the peaceful twitter of God's birds,
In the ocean's waves
Breaking against the rocky beach
and lapping at your feet;
In a puff of wind
Caressing your shoulders under the sun;
In the night stars glistening overhead
Inviting you to their home in heaven.

I believe you can repeat after me,
"The angels come to us in many different ways!"

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